When the military decides to cut ties with you, it will do so with either a notification discharge or a discharge board. Not everyone is entitled to a discharge board. Newer military members will typically receive a notification discharge which allows them to submit a response to their commander to tell their side of the story. When the decision has been made to terminate your employment, you need to articulate your side as part of a comprehensive strategy to leave on honorable terms. You may not be able to convince the military to give you another chance, but there is a real possibility to upgrade your discharge, and you should not lay down and leave with less than an honorable discharge without making your case. A discharge board is for military members who have more years of service, or a member who is facing an Under Other Than Honorable Conditions (UOTHC) discharge. The board hearing will look and feel like a courts martial, but there are few rules of evidence and no judge. The burden is still on the government to prove you should be discharged and what the character of your discharge should be. If you are facing a board, you deserve an attorney who is going to give you the attention you deserve and who has a comprehensive strategy to either give you your career back, or preserve the benefits you have earned through your military service. Give me a call and we can discuss your options.