Receiving administrative paperwork can be a rough process. You have limited rights in that you can make a response, and the person who issued you the paperwork can decide whether to keep it in your personnel folder or not. This is low level discipline, but it can have long lasting effects, and you should get the best help. Do not rely upon an inexperienced attorney or their paralegal advising you how to respond to your paperwork. Get help from an attorney who will give you the attention you deserve. Ideally, this will be the only paperwork you will ever received, but a good response clearly articulating what happened can help restore your reputation. More importantly, you need to plan ahead in case this is not the only paperwork you receive. We have all seen supervisors who had it out for someone. When that paperwork starts to stack up, your responses become very important. You should always respond to show you are taking the matter seriously. And you should always consider that your responses could be evidence in a Courts Martial or Discharge Board someday. Getting assistance from an experienced attorney can make a big difference to help you articulate your side of the story in an effective manner.