I firmly believe that a lawyer is nothing without his reputation. As soon as a lawyer mistreats or fails to live up to the expectations of a client, his ability to find clients in the future will be irreparably harmed. Former clients can attest to my skills and abilities far better than I can, and I am happy to provide references should you have any questions. Please note that no lawyer can offer you any guarantees, and I only make one, that I will fight as hard as I can to protect your rights. Past success does not guarantee future results, but I share what former clients have said because it provides a basis for what kind of attorney I am.

J.L., E-4
June 2013 – DUI, Leaving the Scene of an Accident

“In March 2013, I faced two charges: A DUI and a hit and run. When the civilian prosecutor refused to prosecute the case, the Air Force obtained jurisdiction. The decided to convene a courts martial. In the two months leading up to my trial date, Mr. Taylor was always there for me guiding me through the process. Any questions I had, he fielded with an ease that only someone thoroughly versed in trial law could. When my trial began, things did not look promising. The prosecution’s evidence was staggering, but again Mr. Taylor did not back down. He argued and fought for me every step of the way. He has an amazing ability to think on his feet and use anything to his client’s advantage. When the verdict finally came, I was acquitted on both charges and given my life back. That would not have been possible without having Mr. Taylor on my side.”

M.M., E-6
March 2013 – Conspiracy to commit larceny, obstruction of justice, receiving stolen property

“I HIGHLY recommend Scott Taylor to anyone who is need of a defense attorney. While on active duty, Captain Taylor represented me in a General Court Martial. I was facing up to 13 years in prison for the preferred charges. To say that my family and I were extremely stressed out is an understatement. At the time, I had over a decade of honorable service and now I was faced with a discharge and losing all of my benefits plus the possibility of prison time. Captain Taylor worked really hard prior to the trial on witness interviews and he found numerous holes in the government’s case. His presentation during the trial was flawless. Ultimately, the verdict speaks for Captain Taylor’s expert ability and trial experience: FULL ACQUITTAL. In other words, NOT GUILTY of ALL CHARGES. If you are in need of expert representation, Scott Taylor is the man for the job.”

A.H., E-5
December 2013 – Three specifications of failure to follow an order, false official statement, obstruction of justice

“Scott was one of the few beacons of light during the dark times that accompanied my trial and the months preceding it. A consummate professional at all times, he worked diligently to make sure my story was heard as it truly happened. He really listened to me and was there to answer all my late night questions. It’s thanks to Scott’s steadfast support, amazing argumentative skills, and keen intellect that my sentence was a fraction of what it could have been. I can think of no better lawyer to represent me or anyone else I care about.”

L.K., O-5
September 2013, Abusive sexual contact, Four specifications of conduct unbecoming an officer and gentleman

“Needing the services of a defense attorney is a scary proposition to say the least. I couldn’t have found a better person to handle my case than Scott Taylor. Scott is an extremely talented and skilled attorney. His careful analysis of the facts of my case, his detailed and forward leaning approach, his strategic perspective and extreme confidence always kept me feeling at ease. His negotiating skills are unparalleled. Throughout my case Scott didn’t sugar-coat a thing. He made sure I knew exactly where I stood so I could make the most informed decisions. He also expressed genuine concern for my personal well being and the well being of my family throughout the process. He is truly a compassionate and empathetic human being. I could call on Scott at any hour, and as busy as he was, he always had more than enough time to talk. Scott is also a very non-judgmental person. As I found myself dealing with the reality of actually having been accused of a crime, he reassured me that even the best of us may at some point find ourselves in a similar situation. Throughout the entire process he consistently exceeded my expectations and I was quite satisfied with the outcome of my case. If I should find myself in need of a defense attorney in the future, I will without hesitation ask Scott Taylor to represent me. I highly recommend Scott Taylor to anyone in need of a defense attorney.”

These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.