There are some cases where the police have gathered all of the information they need to convict you. What may appear to be overwhelming evidence however may not be legally admissible. Throughout my career, I have had several clients who believed suicide was the only option, there is always hope. First, I would tell you to wait and see what happens, do not make a decision based upon what you think is going to happen, lets talk about what you can expect, there is always a path forward in life. Come in and talk to me, and I will try to give you a realistic outlook of what you can expect. Second, I would tell you that I have never met anyone who has never made a mistake. No matter what you are facing, it is something you can bounce back from. I can help you by putting you in the best legal position possible, and talk to you about what your life is like when your case is over. No situation is ever truly hopeless. If you are feeling the pressure or the stress, come and talk to me or someone, but do not hold it inside.