Scott Taylor selected as a ASLA – Top 40 Lawyers Under 40


(Taylor Defense Firm — December 19, 2016) —

Overview of the Selection Process According to ASLA:

ASLA’s exclusive membership comprises less than 1.5% of all licensed lawyers nationwide. ASLA is both highly selective in extending invitations and in determining which specialties to include for a given state. Because many specialties typically include listings for Top 100 Lawyers and Top 40 Lawyers Under 40, in order to remain selective we ensure that each specialty in a state has a sufficient number of practicing lawyers to merit inclusion. Those states with relatively low populations of practicing lawyers often will support only one or two specialties. ASLA monitors practice trends from year to year prior to extending invitations in each state.

The Selection Process of Nomination Per ASLA:

ASLA’s entire selection process is conducted manually by lawyers. Prospective members initially are evaluated based on publicly-available information, although member nominations also are accepted from current members, other lawyers, and past clients. Self-nominations and nominations from public relations firms or advertising agencies are not accepted….click here to read more.

Attorney Scott Taylor | California Top 40 DUI Defense Lawyers Under 40 Award

As a DUI Defense attorney, Scott Taylor has been honored with the prestigious award as a “top 40 attorneys under 40” recipient in California. “It’s humbling to be recognized by my peers and by the greater legal community as a distinguished member of a very select group.” Scott’s goal is as always to do the best work possible for his clients. Receiving the recognition for doing what Scott is passionate about is both humbling and greatly appreciated.






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