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DUI Common Questions

Criminal Defense

If you have any questions after taking a look at our frequently asked questions, call to schedule your free consultation!

I was just read my rights, should I talk to the police?
I was not read my rights, but the police asked me to talk to them
What do I do when I get stopped by the police?
What if I get stopped and I have something illegal on me?
What if I get caught drinking and driving?
The System
The DUI Stop
The Breathalyzer Test
DUI in California
Wait, what? I can be convicted of a DUI when I am not driving?
What is going to happen to my license?
What do you charge?
Can I get my case expunged?
Spoiler title
My case looks hopeless
My case was not mentioned here in the FAQ's

Even if you are not facing one of these crimes, give me a call at (805) 538-0455, and I will discuss your case with you at no cost.